Your footage should always get the big screen treatment.


An evolutionary leap from screening dailies on a laptop under a pop-up tent, the COLORSPACE 4K HDR screening room lets you experience 4x the detail of standard on-set monitors, on a screen over twice as large.


55 inch 4K HDR OLED monitor.

Optimal viewing environment.

Smart ambient lighting.

Theater-style reclining seats for five.


Captains of industry should have Captain’s Chairs.


For the first time ever, offer your clients the convenience and luxury of screening footage on location, in their hotel parking lot – even while driving down the freeway – always within a refined environment tailored to your client’s productivity and comfort.


4K on the 405

Review and edit footage while driving.

Massive onboard power options for off-the-grid locations.


command and conference

Conference room-style seating for seven.

Generous standing height.

Fold out desks.

Distraction-cancelling privacy partitions.

Silent battery powered operation.


be here all fraturday

Nap-compatible leather recliner seats.

Commercial grade WiFi.

Multi-zone climate-controlled interior.

USB and 110V charging ports.

Spacious, out-of-the-way personal storage.

Mini fridge and freezer.


Post-production should sit ringside.


The COLORSPACE mobile HDR color suite and edit bay can knockout the heavy, technical aspects of digital filmmaking – simplify complex workflows, speed-up data transfers, and help post collaborate with on-set production in real time – wherever the show calls.


data speeds like magic

SSD based Network Attached Storage (NAS) connected to all computers.

Central, secure, lightning fast 100 Gb ethernet network.

HiRes, High Speed, Multicam, VR, 3D, and Large Format productions. Simplified.


better collaboration than all the emails

HDR viewing and analysis for up to 16 cameras at once.

State-of-the-art Mac and Windows 10 workstations.

Highest quality broadcast and cinema monitors available. Period.